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Sexual life

Researchers say that we reach our sexual peak at the age of 25 or two. During these years, men exhibit almost unbreakable sexual stamina and masculinity. Women are also very fertile, and show healthy libido. In addition, studies have shown that men and women have the ability to enjoy a healthy sexual life in their 60s and previous years.

However, men in general tend to lose their masculinity and sexual aggression at the age of 40 and above. Women suffer from menstrual difficulties, slight vaginal lubrication, and low sexual urges. People at the age of 40 do little or no sexual activity at all. How could they possibly enjoy sex life under such horrific circumstances?

But there is good news here. Hormones known as testosterone and estrogen have been proven to measure status and bring excitement to your sex life.

The body produces one of the most important hormones called testosterone. It is present in large quantities among men. Women also produce testosterone, which is about 1/10 of the amount found in men. Research suggests that this sex hormone is directly responsible for our sexual drive, libido and sperm production. On the other hand, the production of the hormone estrogen by women is essential in the proper functioning of the female reproductive system, keeping brain cells healthy, and adequate vaginal lubrication during sex. But as we age, the body produces less and less testosterone and estrogen, which explains the origin in our sex life.