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We are happy to introduce you to Gigarelin – the most sophisticated and effective supplement for athletes ever developed!

Gigarelin is a unique GHR product characterized by promising prospects and a strong ambition to provoke a revolution in sport, health, aging and vitality. Gigarelin has so far surpassed all other existing products and supplements for its unique and complex effects. Gigarelin rX is a real key to well-being, perfect body and conditions, young appearance, regeneration and vitality. Your dreams and ideals about a perfect, unique, versatile and highly effective supplement have materialized in this unique product that can completely replace all the other alternatives you’ve ever tried before!

Genesis Biology Gigarelin is a novel, revolutionary and unique natural growth factor (HGH) production booster in the human body, available in tablet form. When it comes to efficiency and performance, no other existing HGH tablet enhancer will ever compete with Gigarelin.

Forget any other existing GHR product in tablet form – here comes Gigarelin rX – a revolutionary GHR product with incomparably higher efficiency and performance, which also exceeds the values ​​and levels of injectable GHR peptides and synthetic growth hormone (rHGH)!

Gigarelin significantly promotes muscle mass growth, strength, endurance and performance Not only does it effectively increase the level of natural growth hormone to its optimal level, but it also increases endogenous testosterone production in men and at the same time improves muscle pumping and blood flow in muscle tissues.

Gigarelin has a distinct anabolic effect (effectively supports protein synthesis and promotes hyperplasia and hypertrophy of muscle cells) without unwanted androgenic side effects and a strong anti-catabolic effect (helps protect muscle mass from degradation and helps athletes to maintain the level of physical condition and muscle mass even when they no longer train.

Gigarelin effectively improves the hardness, quality, definition, contours and density of muscles.

Gigarelin significantly increases performance and endurance and leads to substantial improvement in general fitness.

Gigarelin offers excellent and highly effective regeneration not only for muscle mass after intense training, but also excellent general regeneration and recovery of the whole body, including internal organs.

Gigarelin shows a powerful anti-aging (rejuvenating) activity, suppresses the natural aging processes and helps maintain the youthful appearance and conditions of the whole body.

Gigarelin helps soothe wrinkles, improves the quality of skin, hair and nails, increases bone density and helps maintain healthy joints, cartilages and connective tissues.

Gigarelin significantly strengthens and improves the immune system and protects against “diseases of civilization”. In general, it has a very beneficial role for health.

Gigarelin significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases (diseases affecting vessels, brain and heart), effectively helps to reduce the cholesterol level and the probability that you will spend the last years of your life in a nursing home.

Gigarelin increases libido, improves your sexual performance and promotes stronger and longer erections.

Gigarelin influences brain functions in a positive way, improves performance (learning ability), memory, general mental performance and mental health

Gigarelin guarantees an expressive sensation of physical fitness and mental freshness, general well-being, energy and vitality. With Gigarelin you wake up every morning refreshed, full of endurance, like never before.