Bacteriostatic water 10ml


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Bacteriostatic water as sterile water with 0.9% benzyl alcohol, which serves as preservative.



Bacteriostatic water is actually a sterilized liquid preparation characterized by a significant limited microbial activity without the addition of buffer instead of benzyl alcohol.

It is available as a 10 ml plastic vial


This bacteriostatic water is mainly used for injection purposes.

The freeze-dried drug preparations are mixed with this solution to be reconstituted and purified as desired.

The drug is then administered intra-muscle or subcutaneously according to the individual’s requirement.

Bacteriostatic water is actually prepared as a non-pyrogenic formulation without heating treatments.

It is suitable for parenteral purposes (routes of administration other than by the oral route).

The vial is basically available for the single dose.

Therefore, the basic objective is to dilute the pharmacological preparations before administration.

Extends the period during which the peptide remains active after dilution, up to 28 days. For comparison, in ordinary distilled water available in pharmacies, where the peptide is activated it lasts 2-5 days.