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40 x 1mg Tabs of Anastrozole



Anastrazole is a drug of choice purely for post steroid therapy, for the effective reimbursement of the effects related to estrogen exerted on the body during treatment with steroids.


Anastrazole is a competent aromatase inhibitor as it can effectively block the activity of the aromatase enzyme intended to transform the hormone into estrogen.

It ultimately works to eliminate estrogen-related side effects from the body and defends the body from unwanted fluid build-up and subcutaneous fat aggregation which results in gynecomastia in males.

The use of Anastrazole is absolutely not limited to the field of steroids that athletes use; rather, it is commonly used in the clinical field also for therapeutic purposes.

Since breast cancer in women needs estrogen to grow faster, Anastrazole is used to treat breast cancer in pre and postmenopausal women by virtue of its ability to block estrogen

This alternative to arimidex offers immense benefits to athletes as it can burn fat and remove the intensified adverse estrogenic effects from the body producing a hard and lean physique.

Dosage and course

Careful dosing of Anastrazole does not require its combination with Nolvadex or Clomid.

Since it can maintain hormonal balance and effectively improve resilience.

The damage for clinical purposes is 0.5-1 mg / day.

It must be taken on a daily basis with or without meals.

The dosage of Anastrazole is essential with water to ensure sufficient absorption

Duration of the cycle: 3-5 weeks.

Anastrozole in bodybuilding is an excellent female hormone suppressant estrogen and is a potent aromatase inhibitor. It produces testosterone which is very important for results in power sports. In addition, this medicine brings water well and gives a good resistance to gynecomastia.
To receive anastrozole does not affect food, Anastrozol works very well at any time of reception, at least until, even after, even during meals. But if you want to improve the effect it is better to drink it on an empty stomach, it will be easier for him to enter the bloodstream from the stomach.
Anastrazole reduces the flavor activity to almost ninety percent, compared to the original indicators. Even very fast acting Anastrozol, completely to block the aromatization process can two hours later.
This tool, including good fights with fat deposits, that is, it can be called a great fat burner, since estrogen can cause excess weight.

possible side effect
Side effects always occur due to taking Anastrozole in high doses, because only when the use of the substance in excessive quantities has suppressed estrogen very quickly. Not respecting all the rules and regulations, there may be side effects, among which we mention:
Symptoms of joint pain;
The slow growth of muscle mass;
Deterioration of the general conditions of the athlete;
Decreased bone strength;
Apathy for training;
The decline of the sporting spirit;
Deterioration of the overall performance.
Observing all the recommendations for the use of Anastrozole in bodybuilding, it is necessary to take a reasonable dosage that will not harm the body. The drug is practically harmless, which is why it can take a long time to get the right and desired result.
What are the positive qualities of Anastrozole?
First, Anastrozole reduces the amount of estradiol in the blood for a short time.
Second, athletes’ use of anabolic steroids leads to certain effects such as aromatization. Anastrozole helps stop aromatization for a short period of time.
Third, of all similar drugs, Anastrozole is the most harmless in that it does not require frequent use in large quantities, but on the contrary, it is preferable to use in small doses.
Fourth, together with the use of steroids, anastrozole will give the muscles high density and contribute to their increase.
All the positive qualities of Anastrozole place it above the existing analogues. This drug does not block the appearance of the estrogen hormone, but only holds it back.

Reading the reviews on Citalopramhydrobromid, you will know that the anti-estrogen drug has mainly recommended to be taken with the right experience and the use of “heavy” steroid drugs that are prone to aromatization. This is due to the ability of anastrozole, even a single dose volume of 1 milligram can reduce estrogen in the blood more than half.
By studying the reviews on Anastrozole, you can also come to the conclusion that it is not only powerful but also the most effective antiestrogenic actions.